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Group Financial Advising

Group Financial Advising has been operating for over thirty years providing services in superannuation (personal and corporate), pre and post- retirement benefits, self-managed super funds, pension funds, life insurance products including tax effective investments.

Our aim is to simplify these complex services and products to ensure ease of understanding and reduced fees. We provide expert advice based on many years' experience.

Superannuation, Pension and Retirement funds

Originally superannuation was simply investing 10% of your income for eventual retirement. Since the advent of compulsory superannuation in 1992, successive governments have managed to confuse the public at large and many people unfortunately push their superannuation funding into the 'too hard' basket.

We have been successful in ensuring our clients easily understand what is required to retire comfortably without stress due to complex superannuation, tax laws and stock-market downturns. We take the drama out of superannuation and retirement benefits.

No matter what style of funding you prefer, whether it be sophisticated self-managed funds, personal superannuation and retirement plans, employer staff funds or just basic tax-effective investment advice, we will make your financial life simple.

If you are retired then your concerns about stock market downturns and loss of investment capital will be greatly reduced by using our proven investment strategies.

Life insurance products

Unfortunately, problems do occur in life and life insurance products provide you and those you care about most, with financial protection should an unforeseen event occur. We specialise in reviewing the various products available throughout the Life Insurance industry to ensure competitive premiums and prompt claims settlement.

The various products researched for our clients include:

Personal life insurance/Key person and Partnership Life cover.

For both individual and corporate clients, Life and Total Disablement insurance offers financial protection to those who depend on you. Families need the bread-winner insured and companies/businesses need the key personnel adequately covered to ensure management replacement and financial compensation for the key person.

Income Protection insurance

Guarantees your income in the event of an illness or accident rendering you unable to attend your work or business for one month or longer. A claim can leave business or personal finances in disarray should disablement continue for a long period. The premium for these policies are tax deductible to the individual or business alike, and have assisted many of our clients to remain financially solvent during difficult periods.

Business expenses insurance

Guarantees your business overheads are met in full for up to one year off work in the event of accident or illness. Similar in structure to income protection insurance with the premiums usually being tax deductible as a business expense.

Trauma insurance

Many of our clients have received a lump sum, tax free payment on the diagnosis of a serious illness or major trauma event. This type of insurance is often referred to as 'recovery insurance' and has financially assisted numerous clients in their quest to recover from serious illness, such as cancer, stroke and heart attack.

The above is a brief outline of products and services available through Group Financial Advising and is not financial or taxation advice. Every person or business has different needs and any financial product or service supplied by us includes a proper analysis of your needs and suitability of various products, unless only general information and product advice is requested. Please call or e-mail us for further no obligation information.